Social media advice for authors

There are a few reasons for authors to build a social media presence and we’ll tackle just a few of them here.

  1. Market your book(s)
  2. Market yourself as an author
  3. Engage with your readers

Market your book (or books)

You’ve done the hard work — you’ve written a book, you’ve found an agent, you’ve found a publisher, you’ve worked with an editor, and you’re finally holding a copy of your book in your hands. This is the dream! Now how to use social media to sell enough copies to ensure you can relive this dream again?

  • Don’t be afraid to show off — talk about yourself, your story, your cover art
  • Reach out to influencers — who do your readers listen to when it comes to book reviews and make sure you get a copy into this person’s hands to review on social media. Tag them, comment on their posts, just generally say hi!
  • Author network — do you know other authors in your genre? Now’s the time to call in favours amongst your author friends and ask them to post about your book on their social media accounts (and do the same when the favour comes around again).

Market yourself as an author

If you’ve written a book and are tape dancing on agents’ and publishers’ doorsteps to try to get their attention, using social media might be a better use of your time? (unless you’re a skilled tape dancer, and then keep doing that and maybe post a YouTube video!).

  • Engage with authors in your genre — Build a following of peers but also pay attention to who their following
  • Follow the publishing houses — But don’t just follow them, engage with them — comment, like, etc.
  • Have patience — It takes a good chunk of time to build a legitimate social media following so be patient.

Engage with your readers

This is the fun part! You know who you wrote this book for and now it’s time to chat with those people.

  • Get clear about your target market — who are they? what do they do for a living? where do they live? what do they do for fun? what other authors do they like?
  • Now find them — what platform are they most likely to be on? what time of day do they usually go on social media? are they more likely to lurk or engage?
  • Engage! — Hashtags, tweet chats, Instagram stories, Facebook Live, Snapchat.

If engaging with your readers sounds intimidating or time-consuming, this is where I can help!

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