I can help with everything from writing the content to set-up and design using MailChimp.

Digital marketing strategy

Let’s take a look at how all of your digital marketing assets work together — social media, website, e-newsletter, SEO etc.


Whether you need one-on-one training on a specific social media platform, a team-wide session, or a full college class I’ve done it all (and probably have a lesson plan ready to go!)

Social Media

Whether you’re starting social media marketing from scratch, need help with an existing account, or want a whole new strategy I can help with everything from big picture to daily maintenance.



I think web writing is an unappreciated artform. My particular specialities include blog posts, SEO, and website copy but I’m up for a challenge. I love anything that puts my journalism degree to good use!

User Experience (UX)

Why is my site’s bounce rate so high? Why are people abandoning their carts half way through? Why are most of my visitors leaving the site from this particular page? Is it just me or is solving user experience mysteries so exciting?…Just me then?

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What my clients say

Dayna is creative, driven, highly motivated, and dedicated. She’s always thinking ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to anything online, and she takes on new projects and completes them on time, with impressive results, usually exceeding expectations.

Chantel Guertin Bestselling author, Beauty Expert, Magazine editor, Instructor, On-air expert

Working for Dayna was a dream. She really encouraged me tap into my own creativity while at the same time providing clear direction that aligned with her vision. Dayna always has exciting and innovative ideas, and her passion for her work is infections. I hope to work with her again in the near future!

Olivia Scobie Perinatal Social Work Counselor

Dayna started her work with a bang at Toronto Rehab, significantly boosting Toronto Rehab’s online growth and presence. Within the first five months, she doubled the organization’s Twitter following and found creative ways to engage YouTube viewers by constantly finding new activities to record and post. She has a great ability to write for her audience, sometimes with a more corporate tone, sometimes with a more casual, witty flavour. She is talented, driven, and truly passionate about social media.

Joanne Yeung Manager, Social Media and Content at lovate Health Sciences International Inc.

Latest social media news

Social media advice for authors

There are a few reasons for authors to build a social media presence and we’ll tackle just a few of them here. Market your book(s) Market yourself as an author Engage with your readers Market your book (or books) You’ve done the hard work — you’ve written a book, you’ve found an agent, you’ve found […]

Sell a lifestyle or emotion

No matter what your goals are on social media and no matter what platform you use, at the other end of the line is another person. You are always trying to connect with another person, and people don’t connect with faceless businesses or impersonal ads — they connect with emotions and lifestyles. Always keep that […]

You don’t need a Twitter account

I hear this a lot, and I’m here to tell you: No you don’t (maybe!) The first thing you need to do is ask, why do I want Twitter or why do I want social media in general? What’s the ROI you’re looking for? If you have a visual brand, I’m looking at you beauty/fashion/interior […]

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